Our Facilities

The college authority always tries to provide good physical as well as academic facilities to stakeholders. The collective academic and physical facility policy would provide equitable allocation and efficient utilization of facility based on essential needs of education, research and administration.


Annual maintenance of the laboratory is carried out under the observation of the Head of the Department. Stock register is maintained by the department. Periodical verification of the laboratory material is carried out by the Laboratory Assistant. Servicing and maintenance of major instruments is carried out by skilled technicians. The liquid waste of the Chemistry Department is drained out and collects in soak pits. e-waste of Computer Science laboratory is stored in proper way. Practical of different classes are conducted in different sessions for maximum utilization of laboratory space.


Maintenance of software used in library is carried out on annual maintenance contract by software providers (AMC).Surface cleaning of reading room, stack room as well as shelf cleaning is done by vacuum cleaner. Use of anti-termite chemicals is carried out to increase book life. Student book ratio is maintained by purchasing books every year and after syllabus upgradation. Reading room facility is available for students and teaching staff. New arrivals are exhibited on board.

Play ground

The Sports facilities available are mainly used for sports education, competition, training and recreation by college students. Rolling and leveling of play ground is done whenever required. Maintenance of sports equipment is carried out on regular basis. During the inter-collegiate tournaments sports material is issued to the students. Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Volley ball are utilized in the evening session by the students. Indoor facility are available various games like Table-Tennis, Chess and Gymnasium etc.

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is used for staff meetings called by the Principal and management, various workshops, seminars and cultural activities. It is also utilized to conduct seminars of the students and meeting of various college committees.


Utilization of classroom is done according to the timetable of the college. The classrooms are regularly cleaned by the non-teaching of the college as per the schedule provided by the governing committee. The periodic maintenance of furniture and electricals are carried out by the local service providers.